First in the “Storybooks that come to life” series is The Fun Funnel, a heart-warming tale of a grumpy old man, Mr Cragglehead, who finally succumbs to happiness when for the first time in his life he discovers fun.

Mr Cragglehead discovers you can’t have all the fun, which is the moral of the story and is revealed in the “Song page” “The Funnest fun, is the fun that’s fun, for everyone.

Children can follow the animated story on the screen, seeing and hearing the words and pictures come to life from the very book they have in their hands. When book and screen are used simultaneously it is a new concept and is a great learning tool and while providing entertainment for the whole family.

Developed for children aged 3 to 7, The Fun Funnel has been a hit with thousands of satisfied kids while at the same time has proven to have profound effects with children starting to read, slow readers, and a wide variety of special needs kids (Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD and Down Syndrome). The overwhelming response from parents say it engages children like nothing else ever has.

A new concept in books and learning to read……it is magic, I played it with my four year old and he absolutely loved it…It is a great idea.

“Sunrise”, Channel 7 Australian national television

My daughter’s boyfriend came back from Byron Bay and handed me The Fun Funnel to have a look at, you have done a great job on the books and DVD’s. I have worked with children for 30 years and I can see your books being a great help to teachers, carers, and parents whether helping the children to read or just entertaining them.

I will be putting both teachers, carers and parents on to your book in both QLD and VIC.

Gillian Rawle

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